Justice brings into account how much effort you have put into a situation. You may be forlorn due to not having met the right person, but have you really been looking? Have you been presenting yourself AS best you can?

Itinerize your shortcomings and work on them. Be the person you would wish to date.


If things have been imbalanced, it’s a good time to assess why that is. Sometimes situations outside of our control call on a partner to sacrifice themselves for the other, however these individual situations should not become habits. If you feel you have been giving more than getting, raise the subject firmly.

Relationships are meant to be give and take, not give and give.

Career & Money

Every job well done deserves a fair reward. If you feel that you are not getting yours, be sure to raise it with your superior. A lot of the time people don’t get raises or promotions is because they don’t ask for them.

Make a clear list of what you have done and why you deserve to be justly rewarded for it.

As a person

Fair? Well that goes without saying. She’s courageous enough to right wrongs in the face of huge opposition. Taking on the persona of a freedom fighter, but not in a riotous way. Using her inner compass she’s not they type to engage in petty rivalry, finding resolutions to conflicts through civil process.

Full of patience, she won’t fall quick to anger as it’s not utilitarian.


Justice is an excellent talisman to invoke:

  • surety in the face of opposition
  • a level playing field
  • a fair resolution
  • an objective point of view
  • a composed facade
  • noble intentions


The number 11 is often associated with balance and one side of a scale tipping over the other. Being a number that is neither easily divisible nor easily reduce to a single root number, it’s a potent description for balances in life.

Perfect balance is a rarity, there’s always a slight difference in weight or small breeze that makes things tip. It’s up to us to realign the scales.


  • The Fool
    A court jester, seemingly silly but acutely knowledgeable.
  • The Magician
    A person that does not feel they need to justify their decisions.
  • The High Priestess
    A role model to the youth.
  • The Empress
    A fair patroness.
  • The Emperor
    A fair executive decision.
  • The Hierophant
    To act for the greater good.
  • The Lovers
    A give and take relationship.
  • The Chariot
    Quick justice.
  • Strength
    To be fair in the face of contention.
  • The Hermit
    An individual that is sincere in their actions.
  • The Wheel of Fortune
    Karma rules over all situations.
  • The Hanged Man
    Waiting for a fair outcome.
  • Death
    Having to pay one’s due.
  • Temperance
    The grey area of morality.
  • The Devil
    To be placated by a person with ulterior motives.
  • The Tower
    The collapse of things on rotten foundations.
  • The Star
    To emerge victorious.
  • The Moon
    To reflect on what is right and wrong.
  • The Sun
    Honest actions lead to positive outcomes.
  • Judgement
    To be brought to account over one’s actions, both positive and negative.
  • The World
    Social justice, to be a pillar of society.