Death for a single querent usually denotes that a partner is about to appear. Be warned that following a drought of companionship you may be eager to jump into a relationship with someone having not looked at the fine print.

If they’re worth your time, they’ll stick around whilst you take things slow.


For an attached querent, Death indicates a radical transformation in a relationship. This could mean taking things to the next level such as moving in with each other or an engagement, or it could mean it’s time to cut loose.

Evolution cannot be achieved by stagnation, if things are simply not working out it is best to cut your losses and try again.

Career & Money

When Death appears, there’s radical change afoot. If you have been working a job that’s been sucking the life out of you, you may be about to be pushed out of it before being given the chance to quit.

Although the stability may be comforting, this shake up may be just the thing you need to start working on something you’re truly passionate about.

As a person

Death has a tendency to be followed by shroud of mystery. Calm, collected, brooding, he is in no hurry to explain his actions or motives. Conversations with him can be uncomfortably intensive as he feels putting people on the spot reveals their more interesting side.

Although intimidating, he likes people with a little fight in them that say what they think.


Death is an excellent talisman to invoke:

  • the end of an annoying situation
  • a refreshing radical change
  • a poker-face facade
  • a revitalized intensity to your personality
  • an aura of personal mystery
  • evolution away from stagnation


The number 13 is often associated with all things unlucky and nefarious, however it is also tied to the qualities of a persistent hard worker. When the chips aren’t falling your way, it’s a good time to re-evaluate your plan of action. The number tells us to redirect our intensity and revitalise our determination.

Things my look grim but we are always in a position to change our situation.


  • The Fool
    Things my look grim but we are in a position to change our situation.
  • The Magician
    A daredevil, one that takes huge risks.
  • The High Priestess
    To have a bad feeling, to intuitively know there will be disruption.
  • The Empress
    The end of a bountiful time.
  • The Emperor
    A person that is imbued with the qualities of judge, jury and executioner.
  • The Hierophant
    A radical change at a stable institution.
  • The Lovers
    Til death do us part loyalty.
  • The Chariot
    Running away from the inevitable.
  • Strength
    To have courage the courage to end something.
  • The Hermit
    To greet the end of a situation like an old friend.
  • The Wheel of Fortune
    All or nothing.
  • Justice
    The final outcome of a process.
  • The Hanged Man
    To have a situation come to a conclusion and to be left in limbo.
  • Temperance
    To trust natural cycles.
  • The Devil
    A compulsive habit is stopped.
  • The Tower
    To breakthrough old structures and start anew.
  • The Star
    To reinvent a situation/oneself.
  • The Moon
    The dispellment of illusions.
  • The Sun
    For a situation to culminate in a happy ending.
  • Judgement
    To be held to account for one’s deeds.
  • The World
    To conclude your work.