To make changes, one needs to have the confidence to move forward. The Chariot often appears when you’ve been stuck in a rut and is telling you it’s time to take your wheels for a spin.

Summarize what you look for in a partner and actively look for them in the places they may be. Somebody fitting the description is bound to turn up.


For a querent already in a relationship The Chariot may indicate that things are moving forward very fast, perhaps even too fast.

Career & Money

The Chariot is a real go-getter when it comes to business and finances. If you see it, you want it, you’ve just got to make the effort to reach out for it. If there’s a raise you want, muster up the courage and ask for it. If your workplace is looking to fill a position from outside the company, make it known that you’re already here and would do a great job.

Plenty of oomph!

As a person

The Chariot is the embodiment of a modern day entrepreneur. He doesn’t stop at the end of the day. He’s looking at statistics of his side-hussle in bed just as he’s about to fall asleep and first thing in the morning when he wakes up. After all, somebody, somewhere on the planet is awake and could be his next new client.

He can be hard to keep up with, he’s notorious for being burned out, but when he’s in his prime he can make the impossible, possible.


The Chariot is an excellent talisman to invoke:

  • energy
  • entrepreneur skills
  • motivation
  • confidence
  • proactiveness
  • determination


The number 7 known as the “magic number”. Although often associated with divine intervention, it also represents the courage to hurtle down an unknown path. Destiny has strange ways of making us turn up at the right destination, at the right time.

It’s for us to find the courage to trust in the process, and grab opportunities with both hands.


  • The Fool
    An out of control maniac.
  • The Magician
    Action backed by thorough research.
  • The High Priestess
    Getting ahead thanks to patience and virtue.
  • The Empress
    Creative enthusiasm, great dedication.
  • The Emperor
    To rein in one’s actions.
  • The Hierophant
    To reassess one’s values.
  • The Lovers
    Taking a relationship to the next level.
  • Strength
    Using brute force to get a job done.
  • The Hermit
    An open road, uninhibited opportunities.
  • The Wheel of Fortune
    An adaptive person, to pick up and run with it.
  • Justice
    To have one’s shortcomings catch up with you.
  • The Hanged Man
    To hit a roadblock.
  • Death
    To run out of steam, exhaustion.
  • Temperance
    To find balance between action and patience.
  • The Devil
    Pig-headedness, to be selfish and out of touch with others.
  • The Tower
    A trainwreck, disaster due to lack of patience.
  • The Star
    To ride on to victory.
  • The Moon
    To let one’s assumption run wild.
  • The Sun
    To be recognized for one’s efforts.
  • Judgement
    To be held to account for one’s impulsive actions.
  • The World
    A proactive leader.