When The Hermit appears in front of a single querent an important question to ask is if the querent is content by themself. Many search for other people to bring them happiness because they cannot find it themselves and end up tying themselves to a person... that is just as unhappy!

Consider the problems and qualities that you feel are missing in your life and try to resolve them yourself before looking for a partner.


Absence makes the heart grow fonder. There is no rule to say how much time you must spend with a partner to have a happy relationship. Spending quality time with each other is better than spending quantity time with each other.

Consider taking up a hobbies that does not involve the other so you can have something to passionately talk about when you see them next.

Career & Money

The most unassuming people seem to be the richest these days. As they say, money talks but wealth whispers. The Hermit often suggests there is a personal interest, craft or hobby that you can turn into a good business.

Work does not have to be a chore, the most rewarding work is the sort that doesn’t feel like work at all.

As a person

Hermits often prioritize their passions in life. Often eccentrics, they have evolved past the need to justify their peculiarities to the rest of society. If they like collecting 18th century chinese toothpicks, that’s damn well what they’re going to do! Their niche interests may make no sense to outsiders whilst The Hermit will be happy as larry dusting his collection.

He’s a person that knows how to appreciate the small things in life and knows that happiness isn’t the final outcome but the contentment when we make small steps towards where we want to be.


The Hermit is an excellent talisman to invoke:

  • personal solace
  • regained passion for a hobby
  • contentment in the little moments
  • self-confidence
  • internal strength
  • an appreciation for being alone


The number 9 is often viewed as a number of culmination. After experiencing all the dalliances of past cycles you learn what is important and what makes you happy. Take time to consider the forks in the roads you have faced, how you have overcome obstacles and where you might have been (for better or worse) if you had made different decisions.

What you learn at the end of this cycle can be used at the beginning of the next.


  • The Fool
    An isolated philosopher.
  • The Magician
    A reclusive genius.
  • The High Priestess
    Platonic affection, to find a debate partner.
  • The Empress
    A reliable advisor.
  • The Emperor
    To seek counsel from a family friend.
  • The Hierophant
    Asceticism, monastic living.
  • The Lovers
    Communing with the divine.
  • The Chariot
    Having the freedom to do what you like.
  • Strength
    An avoidant personality, excessive caution.
  • The Wheel of Fortune
    To juggle many things.
  • Justice
    To be humbled by a situation.
  • The Hanged Man
    To retreat and gather one’s self.
  • Death
    To be self-defeating, to clam up in one’s self.
  • Temperance
    Being caught up in one way of thinking.
  • The Devil
    A quirky eccentric.
  • The Tower
    The man who holds all the cards.
  • The Star
    Time to re-evaluate one’s dreams.
  • The Moon
    To be fenced in by one’s thoughts.
  • The Sun
    Successful solitary work.
  • Judgement
    To cut back on what is not necessary.
  • The World
    A journey starts with the first step.